Our audience of ONE deserves the best!

“The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.”
― David F. Jakielo

As a parent of one as well as an educator I understand the importance of making the sure my audience of ONE gets the best! If it a small conversation about how their day is going  or something big giving them your all is imperative.


However, we are losing the human connection because we live in a world that is overpowered by technology. The first thing people ask when they walk into your houses now is what is your WiFi password. It may sound funny but it is the reality we live in now.

eye contact

My child’s first semester home from college was a challenge for me at least because I did not send her off into a world depending solely on technology as the source of communication. However, I was screaming inside while she was home because my audience of ONE who I communicated with daily was losing the human connection. The reality of it all is this is the world we live in now. I looked around and just about everyone sitting in the room was consumed with some form of technology. All I saw was phones, phones and more phones, video games, televisions, tablets and laptops. Now don’t get me wrong technology has done wonders for us over the last years but we have lost the ability to make the audience of ONE feel important. Some of us cannot even hold a conversation with others because technology has consumed our lives.


I asked myself how do you compete with technology. How do you bring the balance back into a world that is losing human connection? How do you give your audience of ONE the best when their world is consumed by technology?


The answer is find a balance! Let your audience of ONE know there is a time and place for usage of technology. Let your audience of ONE still feel they are important and deserves your full attention. Let your audience of ONE understands the importance of verbal communication and human interaction. Let your audience of ONE know that life without people can get to be very lonesome. Let your audience of ONE know that moments spent with humans cannot be duplicated unlike technology that can be replayed and saved.


Lastly let your audience of ONE know that you have just entered a no WI-FI zone! It is time to connect again to people and not to the WiFi.