“Expectations should not always be taken as reality; because you never know when you will be disappointed.”
― Samuel P. Huntington


What did you expect?

When you open your eyes this morning

Ohhh you expected that your day would be perfect

When you ask your kids to make their beds

You expected they would do it without an attitude

When you got in the car

You expected gas to be in the car

When you got to Starbucks

You expected that waitress would be having a great morning

When you dropped the kids off at school

You expected they would have their lunch

That when you got to work late

You expected your boss to be in the office not at the time clock

That when you got off of work

That the traffic wouldn’t be bumper to bumper

Or that the Pastor wouldn’t call a last minute meeting

And you just wanted to go home and relax

Or you would be making mash potatoes

And you expected to have milk in the refrigerator

Oh!!! I know you expected the PERFECT DAY!

Did you forget?

That things happen that you have no control over and it does not mean it is the end of your life

That people are human and they have bad days as well!

Expectation versus reality 

Reality is that things happen but it is up to you to allow it to change your expectations or not

Never allow someone else to set the expectations for your DAY

You are in control of your destination not someone else!