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Hello Class

This weekend we will be celebrating the graduation of one of your fellow students.  She will be leaving for college in one month and because we celebrate one another I have decided we would combine math and art this week as we create a Hollywood theme party for her. There have been 100 guest invited to the party so the students will use critical thinking to figure out how to use the materials supplied to create center pieces and main table decorations for the party.

Project 1IMG_4821

The children will be creating Hollywood movie theme reels which will require them to measure and cut out accurate circles. they will be providing centerpieces for five tables. They will be supplied with rulers, writing utensils, markers, scissors, glitter, glue gun, glue sticks and black foam boards. Their responsibility is to use the internet as a learning tool to find out what the movie reels look like as well as how they can be created out of the materials provided.

Project 2

The second project will display the artist hidden within the children.  They will be creating a center piece that the based will be a popcorn holder container and it will be for 5 tables.  The group will be supplied with the popcorn holder containers, straws, flowers (plastic and cloth) and glue guns.  Because I don’t want them to show their creativity I did not supply them with a template or a picture; I want them to use the learning tools from both the internet and the computer if needed to create a great centerpiece for the party.

Our goal is to allow the students to use math skills and artistic skills to create the    IMG_4823projects. They will also use individual learning intelligence’s to plan, communicate, and create the perfect party scheme for the graduate. The children created a stand for Oscars to be presented to the guest from DVD cases, tape and gold wrapping paper.