“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Life has a funny way of connecting people. Have you ever felt like you just immediately connect with certain people and you don’t know how it happens?  I don’t have to be in the company of lots of people but some how along the way I end up in a large crowd. I never dive right in but some how, some way I tend to connect with someone in the crowd. As if I become the plug for someone’s electrical socket we just connect. The electricity that comes from that connection is electrifying but not always a good connection!


As powerful as that current is that they may be sending to you via the connection it is up to choose the  right connection. Plugging into power that will bring positive energy and plugging into something that is dead is all up to you. I have had my share of dead connections and for each thing I have learned along the way I am very thankful BUT…. It can take time to disconnect from old habits because somehow those invisible strings are more powerful than you thought. Some even have the potential to burn you!!! Who are you plugged into? What is your connection? Is it bringing you life? Is it draining you?

power 3

There is something about that right connection that make you want to do better and then there is the wrong connection that will drain all the power from you. Whichever way you view it those invisible ties are the strongest!


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