Our audience of ONE deserves the best!

“The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.”
― David F. Jakielo

As a parent of one as well as an educator I understand the importance of making the sure my audience of ONE gets the best! If it a small conversation about how their day is going  or something big giving them your all is imperative.


However, we are losing the human connection because we live in a world that is overpowered by technology. The first thing people ask when they walk into your houses now is what is your WiFi password. It may sound funny but it is the reality we live in now.

eye contact

My child’s first semester home from college was a challenge for me at least because I did not send her off into a world depending solely on technology as the source of communication. However, I was screaming inside while she was home because my audience of ONE who I communicated with daily was losing the human connection. The reality of it all is this is the world we live in now. I looked around and just about everyone sitting in the room was consumed with some form of technology. All I saw was phones, phones and more phones, video games, televisions, tablets and laptops. Now don’t get me wrong technology has done wonders for us over the last years but we have lost the ability to make the audience of ONE feel important. Some of us cannot even hold a conversation with others because technology has consumed our lives.


I asked myself how do you compete with technology. How do you bring the balance back into a world that is losing human connection? How do you give your audience of ONE the best when their world is consumed by technology?


The answer is find a balance! Let your audience of ONE know there is a time and place for usage of technology. Let your audience of ONE still feel they are important and deserves your full attention. Let your audience of ONE understands the importance of verbal communication and human interaction. Let your audience of ONE know that life without people can get to be very lonesome. Let your audience of ONE know that moments spent with humans cannot be duplicated unlike technology that can be replayed and saved.


Lastly let your audience of ONE know that you have just entered a no WI-FI zone! It is time to connect again to people and not to the WiFi.






The most amazing people!

“Sometimes we are so habitual of judging people by their looks and their social status that we miss out on meeting and knowing some of the most amazing people in our lives” Aarti Khurana

Judgment can be a form of bondage if you allow it too keep you from taking the first step. We are all guilty of judging a book by its cover before we even turned the pages. If we are honest with ourselves this goes all the way back to our childhoods. We didn’t pick someone to play on your team because we felt they were not fast enough and they may have turned out to be the fastest kid. We didn’t want to play with someone because they had on dirty clothes not knowing that maybe they didn’t have a washer and dryer like we did. We talked about other children because they had scars and you may not have  known they were being abused. We laughed at a kid because they ate so much at lunchtime but you did not know that would be the only meal they had throughout the day. We may choose not to talk to the pretty girl or handsome guy at school because you assume they think they are better than everyone else. However you did not know she was struggling with an eating disorder or he was contemplating suicide. I could make analogy after analogy but the moral of the story is that we miss out on knowing the most amazing people because of our habitual judgment of people.

Amazing people are not all bottled the same! Amazing people walk differently! Amazing people talk differently! Amazing people are living on the streets! Amazing people may live in a really big house and some may live in a run down neighborhood. Amazing people drive fancy cars and they also take the bus! Amazing people are entertainers, the lunch aid or the teacher at your child’s school! Amazing people are not defined by the body shape, skin color, economic or social statuses!

What makes a person amazing is the content of their heart! We will never know the content of a person’s heart if we continue to overlook them. Even though my eyes may be deceiving at times I stopped looking and starting seeing that my life was filled with the most amazing people!

Angela cursive

I was asked “what do you see in that person?” My reply was “everything that you don’t!” Angela Lambert

It’s not about what you look at but what you see! Blind people can view the beauty in something that those who have sight tend to overlook.

Our eyes all see things differently. It can be two people looking at the same thing and they both see something different. When I see people the first thing I zero in on is their hair because that is what I do as a profession. My sister on the hand looks right at the teeth because she works in the field of dentistry. Who can look at someone and see their heart? No one because the heart is hidden. So how do you know who a person really is just by looking at them?

Life is about soul searching and getting to know people for who they are not for what they show! You may look at person and not know they just lost a loved one! Or that their job is on the line. Or that their life is in shambles! You don’t know if they are fighting a demon of suicide! Looking and seeing can be deceiving but it’s your eyes so use them accordingly! Just remember if the mirror was placed in your face will you be looking or seeing!

Be mindful how you view others. Never walk past a stranger and not speak you may have just made their day! Never look down on someone because they do not look like you!

The thought I would like to leave you with is that maybe it’s time to stop using the deception of the eyes to view what is hidden.


Angela cursive






Mistakes don’t define you!

Learn to admit your mistakes before someone exaggerates your story!

You are the author of your own life story never let anyone tell your story based on reading just a few chapters of your life. They may come in on your intro (no one can ever tell how good a story will be based on the first chapter), they may come on the middle part (just getting to figure yourself out chapter) or they may come in on the ending (never knowing what caused you to behave in the manner that you do). Even the best stories have errors but that never stops you from continuing on especially if you like the book. Never allow a mistake to define how your story will continue.

We live in a world that you can do so many things right and no one notices but when you step outside of the norm and make a mistake it becomes news worthy. Life will always be full of mishaps because those are character building moments but never allow someone to exaggerate your story! Admit when you are wrong and move on. Never let people continue to remind you about a chapter that you have passed already. Remember that is the end of that chapter not the end of your story. Mistakes should make you grow! Mistakes should teach you! Mistakes do not define you! Mistakes are a part of life! Mistakes are forgivable!

If you have someone in your life that will constantly remind you of what you use to be then it is time to close not only that chapter in your life but shut the BOOK and revisit the library!

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