Who I am!

I ask myself what do you like to do since you have already raised your child and sent her off to college. Yes I ask myself questions lol! I know what I like and what I am good at but do I know WHO I AM? Do we know who we are created to be or do we have a persona of what people want you to be?

All the roles you have to play: you are a parent, a driver, a tutor, a nurse, a choir member perhaps, the maid, the friend, the doctor, the lover, the referee, a cashier, a counselor, a teacher, a student, a dancer,a plumber, an electrician, a know it all and do it all,  etc….. but do those roles define who you really are as an individual?

Have ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself WHO AM I? Well let today be the day that the roles don’t define you anymore but look in the mirror and tell yourself this is WHO I AM!

In the words of the late Michael Jackson “I’m starting with the man in the mirror!”MJ Image

Just a little about the roles I play but they only helped shaped me into the woman I am becoming!



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