Life after sending your children off to college……now what????

All the emotions leading up to college can seem to be overwhelming. You first think yes I have made it through this stage of parenting! Yes I will finally have the house to myself! Oh my goodness my child isn’t here anymore! Will she/he be alright! I wonder what they are doing! Are they eating? Are they sleeping? Did they get to class on time? When do I call? Do I let them just grow up? All these thoughts and questions but no answers.

This is only the first week and at first it seemed odd because you are used to seeing and hearingess1439568734740 (1)

their voices but then it dawns on you they are not here. It is time for me to FIND me again. My mother was dying of cancer and asked me to take care of my youngest sister’s child who at the time was a little over a year old. I had no children and had been working in education for a while as well as helping to raise other nieces and nephews. But becoming a parent was totally different. Almost 16 years I have spent raising my niece (daughter) and then to take her off to college. It was a wonderful thing but during the course of raising her I forgot about me! I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to make her journey a prosperous one.

I did however during the course obtain a BA in Early Childhood Administration and a MA in Education as well as open a home daycare so now it’s time to find my footing again. So now what do you do after sending them off to college? You find your passion again and learn to live again. I would not change a thing I did raising my baby but now it is time to find my passion in life again and off I GO!!!! Wish me success because the first step is always the hardest!!!!!


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